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Studio Guidelines 

In order to keep a successful, happy, and healthy dance year there are some guidelines we must follow to ensure the safety, discipline of dance, and commitment to dance for everyone. 


 Please call the studio in ADDITION to letting the teacher know if your student will be missing class. Jazz tech and Ballet classes missed should be made up as they are a technique class and are offered throughout the week.

Students can have up to 3 absences throughout the year in each class. Competition students who miss more than 3 (unexcused) will compromise their spot on the competition team. 

Students should arrive 5-10 minutes before each class to stretch. They are expected to be in the correct studio at the start time of their class. 3 tardies to class will count as an unexcused absence.

We look forward to working with you and your students. Thank you for allowing them the opportunity to learn the art and passion of dance!


Please make sure you are properly prepared for the dance discipline you are studying. There should not be excessive jewelry worn for any dance class. Hair for girls must be all the way off of the face (including bangs) and pulled up. Please have hair in a bun for all ballet classes (no exceptions). There should be no baggy clothing worn for any class except for hip hop. 

*Please see Dance Clothes/Shoes tab for specific links to shoes


Guidelines for appropriate dance wear: 



Pink tights, leotard, pink split sole ballet shoes, hair in a neat bun (no exceptions)

Ballet Shoes: Capezio Leather Splitsole "Juliet" #2027

Men--t-shirt, cut off sweats or shorts and black jazz or ballet shoes


Dance attire, preferably leotard and tights, jazz pants, or jazz shorts

Jazz Shoes: Capezio Freeform, caramel-#FF01, black-#FF05x

Lyrical/Contemporary shoes: Capezio Pirouette II Leather Half Soles, #H062

Tap Shoes: Capezio Tic Tac Toe Black Tap Shoes, #443

Hip Hop Shoes: TBD based on dance


Payment for dance should be provided on a timely basis. You may pay ahead on your account at any time. 


  • Tuition is due by the first of every month. A late fee of 10% of your tuition will be assessed after a reasonable amount of days

  • Additional late fees are assessed with accounts that are late beyond 30 days

  • You may pay your tuition via DanceStudioPro, cash, check, or Venmo @Pat-Douglas-4

  • If tuition is not paid in a timely fashion, the student will be sitting in class and not allowed to participate until it is paid


Competitive dancers are required to attend three competitions throughout the year. Attendance is crucial in your performance in the competitions. Students can NOT miss mandatory Saturday extra rehearsals, the two weeks prior to competition weekends, or have more than three unexcused absences in their classes. 

Competition 1: March 10-12, 2023

Competition 2: April 14-16, 2023

Competition 3: May 12-14, 2023

We will have one optional convention this year, Tremaine in Lansing. It is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged. 


Tremaine: Lansing, MI--November 12-13, The Radisson Lansing at the Capital 


RDC has a terrific reputation for well disciplined and friendly dancers that work extremely hard. We expect a lot of our dancers, because they are capable of being their best selves at the studio.

​Some reminders: 

  • Work hard in EVERY rehearsal 

  • Set some goals for yourself and dedicate yourself to them

  • Treat each other and yourselves with respect and care

  • Respect the discipline of the art of dance

  • Attend your ballet and technique classes, make them up if you miss them 

  • Be respectful to fellow competitors 

  • Appreciate any awards we are given 

  • Listen to your teachers are they are attempting to lead you

  • Try your best at EVERY performance

  • Have a perfect attempt at perfect attendance 

  • Have fun, we are a family! 

Please remember that you are also a representation of RDC even outside of the studio. Outside of dance and on social media, dancers must:

  • Keep language clean

  • Refrain from negative comments regarding the studio

  • Refrain from harassing peers, refrain from posting about or involving yourself with inappropriate or illegal activity, including: drugs, alcohol, vaping, etc. 

Students who do not abide by the expected attitudes and behavior of an RDC dancer will be dismissed from the team or class.

Students who miss any of the mandatory rehearsals prior to a competition will be staged out of those dances in the competition.


  • Competition costumes are a $90 flat rate. 

  • An additional $25 accessory fee will include rhinestones, hairpieces, props, etc.

  • Recreational costumes are a $75 flat rate and may also include an accessory fee. 

  • If there are any changes, you will be given a costume balance by March. 


Recital will be at Saline High School on Sunday, June 11, 2023. 

Time TBD

Dress Rehearsal TBD 

Dancers in both recreational and competition classes are expected to be dancing at recital!

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